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The objective of this award is to honor and support noteworthy or pioneering research in the field of cancer treatment, diagnosis, and prevention.

 2018 Prize Winner
(in Yokohama, October 18, 2018)
The Prof. Komei Nakayama Prize was established within the Nakayama Cancer Research Institute in 1991 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Institute’s establishment, and was subsequently awarded five times to outstanding researchers in the Institute who had made noteworthy contributions to cancer medicine. In 1999, JSCO was requested to take responsibility for conferring this prize, and this request was accepted at a meeting of the Board of Directors on July 27 of that year, when the JSCO took over the administration of the prize with the support of the Nakayama Cancer Research Institute. As Komei Nakayama was one of the founders of the JSCO, and the name of the prize remained the same after the JSCO took over responsibility for its administration, the first time the prize was awarded under the auspices of the JSCO was the sixth time it was actually awarded.

Previous Winners
Yoshihiko Maehara, M.D. Director, Kyushu Central Hospital of the Mutual Aid Association of Public School Teachers
"The evolution of surgical treatment for gastrointestinal cancers"
Mitsuru Sasako, M.D. Clinical Director, Hyogo College of Medicine
"Establishment of methods to evaluate surgical procedures in oncological surgery and global standardization of lymph nodes dissection for adanced gastric cancer by these methods"
Ikuo Konishi, M.D. Director, National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center
"Development of Novel Therapeutics of Gynecological Cancer based on Its Clinicopathological Diversity and Genomic Analyses along with Social Activities for Cancer Prevention: Toward Improvement of Survival and QOL for Women with Gynecological Cancer"
Koichi Hirata, M.D. Senior Advisor, JR Sapporo Hospital
"Academic and Social Contributions by the Extension of Cancer Clinical Guidelines and the Assessment of Recommended Medicines for Quality Improvement of Cancer Medicine"
Seiji Naito, M.D. Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University, Professor
"Basic and clinical research for the development of minimally invasive and individualized medicine in urological cancer"
Akimasa Nakao, M.D. Nagoya Centeral Hospital, Director
"Catheter-bypass of the portal vein and its application for cancer surgery"
Hiroyasu Makuuchi, M.D. Tokai University, Director, Professor and Chairman
"Clinical study for results of procedure improvement in esophageal cancer"
Ryuzo Ohno, M.D. Aichi Cancer Center, President Emeritus
"Multicenter cooperative study on the establishment for standard therapy of adult leukemia"
Morito Monden,M.D. Osaka University, Trustee & Vice president
"Basic and Clinical Sturdy on the Development of Personalized Cancer Medicine"
Masahiro Hiraoka, M.D. Graduate School of Medicine Kyoto University, Professor
"Improvement of Survival and QOL of Cancer Patients through Development and Prevalence of High-precision Radiation Therapy"
Tetsuhiko Shirasaka,Ph.D. Kitasato Institute for Life Sciences,Kitasato University, Visiting Professor
"Research on the Development of a Novel Cancer Chemotherapy by Biochemical Modulation of 5-Fluorouracil"
Hideyuki Akaza, M.D. University of Tsukuba Urology and Andrology Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, Professor and Chairman
"Bladder Cancer Therapy; A way to organ preservation strategy of muscle invasive bladder cancer"
Masaki Kitajima, M.D. Keio University School of Medicine, Professor of Surgery
"Future trends in minimally invasive and individualized cancer therapy"
Tetsuichiro Muto, M.D. The Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR, President
"Thirty-five years life with colorectal cancer towards better understanding of carcinogenesis and improvement of outcome"
Keizo Sugimachi, M.D. President, Kyusyu Central Hospital
"My Challenge for The Treatment of Esophageal Cancer"
Minoru Kurihara, M.D. The Tokyo Cooperative Oncology Group,
Toyosu Hospital, Showa University School of Medicine, Emeritus Professor
"The Research of Correct Evaluation Methods of Gastric Cancer Chemotherapy"
Teruo Kakegawa, M.D. Kokusai Shinnzenn Hospital, Director,
Kurume University, Emeritus Professor
"Forty Year's Experience in Surgical Treatment for Esophageal Cancer"
Toshio Takahashi, M.D. Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital, Director,
Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Emeritus Professor
"Development and Clinical Application of Drug Delivery Systems for Cancer Treatment"
Kaichi Isono, M.D. Chiba University, President
"Development of My Pathology Studies into Esophageal Surgery"
Fujio Hanyu, M.D. Tokyo Women's Medical University, Emeritus Professor
"Clinical Studies Designed to Improve the Curability and Safety of Surgical Treatment for Pancreato-Biliary Carcinoma"
Mitsumasa Nishi, M.D. Cancer Institute Hospital, Emeritus Director
"Gastric Cancer Surgery Based on Clinico-pathological Features"
Yoichiro Umegaki, M.D. National Inst. of Radiological Sciences, Advisor
"Basic and Clinical Studies on The Radiotherapy of Cancer"
Hiroshi Akiyama, M.D. Toranomon Hospital, Vice President
"Esophageal Cancer: Toward Improved Results"
Kazue Ozawa, M.D. Kyoto University, Professor of Surgery
"Towards Aggressive Surgery for Liver Cancer Based on Redox Theory"