Past Chairmen

The office of Chairman was established in October 1997, when the Articles of Association were completely revised. The President acted as the representative of the JSCO from the time of its establishment until October 1997.

6th Chairman

Image:Yuko Kitagawa

Yuko Kitagawa
(Professor, Department of Surgery, Graduate School of Medicine, Keio University*)

Period:October 2015–October 2019

5th Chairman

Image:Masahiko NISHIYAMA

Masahiko Nishiyama
(Professor, Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Oncology, Gunma University*)

Period:October 2011–October 2015

4th Chairman

Image:Yoshihiko MAEHARA

Yoshihiko Maehara
(Professor, Department of Surgery and Science, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University*)

Period:October 2009−October 2011

3rd Chairman

Image:Morito MONDEN

Morito Monden
(Member of the Board of Directors and Vice-President, Osaka University, and Professor, School of Medicine, Osaka University*)

Period:October 2005–October 2009

2nd Chairman

Image:Masaki KITAJIMA

Masaki Kitajima
(Professor, School of Medicine, Keio University*)

Period:November 2001–October 2005

1st Chairman


Keizo Sugimachi
(Professor, School of Medicine, Kyushu University*)

Period:October 1997–November 2001

*affiliation during the President

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